Magnetic transfer

Machine for assembling glass parts

Customer's request

Assembly of glass parts with plastic parts at a minimum rate of 50 rpm

The answer Eri Machine:

Special magnetic transfer assembly machine design for glass parts.

Our assembly solution:

Around our magnetic transfer system we have installed workstations.

The linear and rotary actuators allow us to methodically bond the plastic part to the glass part.
Our assembly is made by a cold gluing by UV polymerization technique. Which allows us to treat the surface in order to have a quality bonding on our assembled parts.

In all our applications, the main objective is to quickly obtain highly cross-linked polymers with high chemical resistance and the required mechanical properties.

After assembly, we carry out a vision control by camera in order to determine that the part has the right dimensions in accordance with the specifications. With the customer, we determine the tolerance threshold in relation to the dimensions.

As a result of the vision control, we integrate a buffer to be able to continue the production cycle of the machine while having the possibility of removing the faulty parts.

In addition, ERI machine offers you other magnetic transfer systems through its expertise.

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