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Special battery filling machine

Customer's request

Creation of a special filling machine with vision control and weight control for electrolyte batteries

The answer Eri Machine:

ERI machine & automation presents its latest special electrolyte battery filling machine with their brand new process valve. In other words a unique machine ordered by our partner and customer HCB who found the special machine they needed at ERI.

The capabilities of our machine

  • Electrolyte injection machine for batteries.
    Rate, 9 seconds for 2 batteries filled with electrolytes.
    Two possible stack morphologies:
    P1 -> 25.3 mm diameter 47.3 mm length.
    P2 -> 32.5 mm diameter and 58 mm length.

Our innovations at ERI machine

Positioning control device via 2 vision camera systems. Weight control device before and after filling. This weight control allows a better control of the electrolyte injection devices on our special machine.

A process valve system that allows for both vacuum and force injection of the product. Vacuuming allows us to put the product more easily in the pile without wearing out the valve. But also to have a process by force of injection less important.

Management of the bad fillings by way of exit. Likewise, a security system for the box with a watertight door that can be opened out of the sequence of use.
But also a management of the various by a system of kinematics indexed in compact LB for a better ergonomics.

ERI offers on this machine a speed of 7 sequences per minute. In other words, this is equivalent to 14 filled stacks per minute.
First of all, via an indexed kinematics plate that allows us to have a step-by-step system on our different stations in order to have the best quality control.

In conclusion, this new machine by ERI guarantees a safe, simple and efficient filling process.
We can already guarantee the scalability of this machine with our teams of engineers who are in constant research of technical innovation for a better output and a better efficiency.


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