Linear transfer

Quality inspection machine after forming

Customer's request

Creation of a special machine for a camera control of the syringes and the setting in tray by robot with an automation system, machine to be adapted for a central conveyor

The answer Eri Machine:

For 5 years ERI machine & automation has been working in the pharmaceutical sector by deploying its technologies for Becton Dickinson.

Pharmaceutical machine with linear transfer technology for quality control of syringes after forming.(Forming is an operation to shape the glass of pharmaceutical syringes). By vision control via a 360° rotation system which allows us to have a total control of your product.

Moreover, our machine has the particularity of being prepared for a pharmaceutical environment with an installation of the conveyor which allows an easy cleaning of the machine.

Via our FANUC robot we can bring you all possible solutions in quality control. Allied with our linear transfer technology, our machine meets the needs of our customers in the camera control of their production.

In a third step the machine will allow you to have the complete trays of syringes on a central conveyor to leave for export.

Finally, our machine aims to be efficient in its design. ERI can offer you multiple production of its machines in a short time. But also we could produce machines with new camera controls. In order to guarantee our customers a perfect quality control that meets certified standards.

In conclusion, these high production and high precision machines by ERI guarantee you a quality control process of your production our linear transfer system. By our FANUC robot that accompanies the automation of our quality control system.



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