Multi-bowl vision sorting machine

Customer's request

Creation of a machine to control the condition of parts by vision

The answer Eri Machine:

Special machine created by ERI for quality control of parts.

Our parts management :

Via vibrating bowls we can sort the parts one by one for verification by vision control of the assembly state. The vibrating bowls make it possible to bring the parts one by one. Having for advantage not to deteriorate the state of the assembled parts.

Our Vision Control :

We have several cameras that allow us to perform a quality control of your parts.

The parts are checked by a first camera of their separation and individualization by the vibrating bowls. But also able to certify that the assembly has been well done.
The parts with a defect are sent by a robot to the exit lanes.

In addition, 3 cameras check that the parts are inside each other and the general condition of the part at 360°. For an optimal vision control a minimum of 3 cameras is installed on the machine.

A last camera is installed for a verification of the height of the part but also for our customer the verification a part of the part was well folded.
As with the first camera, parts with a defect are sent on a specific conveyor to an exit lane.

This exit path is a bin of defective parts.


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