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Creation of an ultrasonic welding machine

The answer Eri Machine:

Our special ERI ultrasonic welding machine:

In 2014, in order to complete its know-how in ultrasonic technology, ERI acquired the French company EuroSonics. Coupled with ERI's technical mastery, this ultrasound technology will perfect your equipment.
Ultrasonic technologies are integrated in all sectors of activity offering advanced solutions. Ultrasound is used in various fields such as welding, cutting, gluing, cleaning, etc.

Thanks to this integration we were able to make a standard Ultrasonic welding machine for our customer WECOSTA for BMW parts in 2017, with an evolution performed on this machine in 2018.

Design and use:

Machine with manual loading by an operator which allows a surgical welding by ultrasound in 25 seconds maximum counting the loading and the unloading by the operator. Ultrasonic welding is automated as soon as the part is inserted. A sensitive rubber edge allows the operator to avoid injury when closing the box.

Our system works by sonotrode by frequency in order to create micro vibrations to allow a perfect welding with an overlapping system.
Our technical team will allow you to weld any part, thanks to the flexibility of the sonotrode shapes and the tooling with machined parts for each part to be welded.
Each sonotrode has its own program to maximize the precision of each welding point.
Thus, each batch of sonotrode has its own specific generator for an extreme reliability. This system allows us to tune several plastic and thermoplastic parts.

Ultrasonic energy is used to bond thermoplastics. This system is often chosen when parts are too complex or too expensive to be molded in one piece.
In ultrasonic plastic welding, a vibratory motion is transferred to the part. The vibrations pass through the part and create friction at the interface between the selected parts in the tools.
The friction creates heat, then melts the interface. Once cooled, a weld is formed. Hence the addition of blowers to cool the sonotrodes and the part being welded.

A compressed air supply creates a suction system that will block the part so that it does not move while your part is being welded.
An evolutionary system will be created in 2018, to allow a better aspiration.
We have modified the casing of the machine by developing a new more powerful suction system that starts from the roof of the machine.



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