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Ink jet marking machine

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Creation of an automated machine for printing on plastic products

The answer Eri Machine:

Our special machine aims to be easy to use, fast and accurate, the industrial marking machines by ERI allow to optimize the production time to its maximum.

ERI machine to develop a simple user interface, our coding and marking systems contribute to the smooth running of your production line and increase your productivity. Thus, we guarantee the identification and traceability of your industrial products.

We can also provide you with a special machine that embodies the future of large character inkjet marking. Using plug and print technology, it is capable of marking large characters at a remarkable speed on an inkjet marking machine.


Our system of inkjet printing machines allows you to operate in different fields of operation:

  • Marking on cardboard or plastic packaging;
  • Identification and traceability of continuously manufactured and conveyed products
  • Marking on plastic cables
  • Traceability of steel or plastic pipes
  • Coding of metal plates
  • Tire identification and traceability solutions
  • Printing of characters on food products
  • Concrete marking solutions
  • Marking on wooden box


Inkjet marking is achieved by spraying small drops of ink onto the part from a distance in the direction of the writing. All of our inkjet marking machines create a vertical curtain of drops. However, marking can be done in both directions by changing the position of the print heads.


We have different inkjet technologies to meet different needs:

  • Large character inkjet printing on demand or DOD,
  • Very high definition small character marking;
  • Continuous deflected inkjet technology;
  • High resolution inkjet printing


By always dedicating a large part of its business to the research and development of technologies by its design office, ERI machine obtains quality standards in front of the competition to enable you to meet any type of your needs.


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