Controlled environments

Laser application welding machine

Customer's request

Make a laser battery welding machine.

The answer Eri Machine:

Design of the special laser welding machine:

Development via a tray with different tools and laser spot welding. In this controlled environment we have set up a smoke extraction system.

As a result of a request from a customer who had different products to weld. We set up on our platform the possibility to generate different tooling points.

The operator places the part to be welded. The machine closes and when it is locked. It activates the system to start the welding process.
We have implemented via motors we have an up and down system for the laser welding action.
In addition, we have a motorized skid system that allows the machine to move back and forth.
And finally on the set, we have a system that allows the set to turn.

Ergonomic adaptation:

For ease of use we have designed the machine to be adapted to the size of the operator, but we have also adapted the machine to have maximum flexibility in the size of the parts we can weld.


With this special laser welding machine, ERI offers you a controlled environment that will allow you to weld any type of part qualitatively with laser and with an ergonomics designed for your operators.


We also have the capacity to offer you a laser machine for nano welding.

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