High speed machining

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Creation of a high speed machining center in HSM.

The answer Eri Machine:

High Speed Machining is a material removal operation at high cutting speeds. These high speeds generate a specific cutting phenomenon. With our special high speed machining machine, we can offer you a solution that meets your needs.

Our HSM machines at ERI allow us to have 6 axis machining.

The advantages of a special high-speed machining by ERI :

As a result of the increased cutting speed, the feed rate is increased. The advantages of HSM are as follows:

  • increase in productivity: directly linked to the cutting and feed speed.
  • improvement of the surface condition
  • preservation of the material integrity: the heat transmitted to the part is lower, consequently there are less modifications of its structure.
  • improved accuracy
  • Dry machining: Most of the heat is removed with the chip, i.e. cooling lubrication is not necessarily necessary.
  • possibility of machining thin walls: the tangential cutting forces decrease when the cutting speed increases, so it becomes possible to machine thin walls.
  • possibility of machining heat treated steels (hardening, case hardening) because the treatment is not damaged by heat

The specificities of a special high-speed machining by ERI : 

The increase in cutting conditions implies a specificity of all components involved in the machining process.
These include:

  • An increase in productivity by increasing feed rates and cutting speeds;
  • The structure of the machined material is not changed as a result of the heat reduction;
  • Also the cutting speed improves the precision and makes it possible to machine thin thicknesses;
  • Increased spindle speeds (20,000 rpm);

Our special machines for high speed machining are particularly used in fields such as aeronautics for machining in the mass, the manufacture of moulds for the forge or the foundry.
Our high-speed machining centers are adapted to the manufacture of molds, tools, parts


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