Cosmetics, Pharmacy, Plasturgy
Continuous kinematics, Production line

High speed label dispensing machine

Customer's request

Creation of a special machine for the application of labels on cardboard products

The answer Eri Machine:

For your identification processes and labeling needs, choose this high speed labeler.
A high-speed industrial labeling machine known for its flexibility, application accuracy and high throughput.

Valid for :
– The pharmaceutical industry,
– The consumer goods industry,
– Cosmetics,
– Agribusiness,
– Drinks.

This labelling system will help you improve your productivity thanks to :
– large volumes of labels,
– high distribution speed
– precision.

étiqueteuse automatisé


Printing can be done by thermal transfer. Our machines include a printing module that allows the printing of an adhesive label and its immediate application on a moving or fixed object with or without physical contact.

Evolution and innovation:

ERI machine has evolved its label application technology by integrating it on our assembly and cartoning machines.


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