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Creation of a heat treatment or laser treatment machine

The answer Eri Machine:

Our special processing machine at ERI :

ERI machine has developed a complete range of localized heat treatment machines.
To enable pre & post weld heat treatment of pipes and fabrication welds.

Our heat treatments modify the physical, mechanical or chemical properties of materials, mainly steels and metal alloys.
We can do treatments during the manufacturing of materials like glass.
The finished parts are our main element that goes through our heat treatments.
To change the qualities and surface mechanical properties such as hardness, resistance to corrosion and wear.

ERI offers you thermal hardening treatments carried out at low temperatures.
With liquid nitrogen in cryogenic cells where the temperature can go down to -150°C. Critical parts have this treatment applied. In other words on parts for aeronautics, space and high precision industry.

ERI machine offers you the right solution for all types of heat treatments. Our experts are also at your disposal.
And guide you through each new key step, depending on your application, the desired result, the required thermal cycle, and the elements to be treated.

ERI machine can produce heat treatments in controlled environments.
The control of atmosphere-metal interactions is at the heart of the solutions developed by ERI machine in order to maximize the efficiency of their special heat treatment machine.
We perform several treatment cycles on your parts to meet the quality standards of your products.

We can apply three types of treatments on your steel parts by austenitization in others by hardening; full annealing; homogenization annealing.

The purpose of our special processing machine :

Our goal at ERI machine is to allow you to considerably improve the mechanical characteristics of your parts in other words we want to improve the durability, the ductility, the yield strength and the hardness of your molded or machined parts.


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