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Gluing machine for box and tube

Customer's request

Realization of a compact gluing machine for box and tube

The answer Eri Machine:

The design of the special gluing machine

First designed in 2014 our gluing machine convinced our customers with its expertise in quality control.
With a camera control operation and a scan of the exact positioning of the part, a special precision gluing machine made for you.

Starting from the 0 point location, our special machine allows us to make an efficient cold gluing of the part. Moreover, a camera control of the part after gluing is carried out to check the thickness and the continuity of the glue bead.

The part is sent by an operator manually on a linear transfer conveyor. This machine was first developed for gas meters for Eastern Europe.

The evolution of our special gluing machine

In 2018, we have a second request this same customer for a new gluing machine.
We have re-built this machine with continuous improvements to maximize the efficiency of our customers' production.

This machine had a Western European customer. This brought changes in the part's shape so we made the program evolve accordingly.
In addition, we have continued to develop our quality control process by keeping the same principles as the first machine.

But also for a reason of saving time we have automated the assembly of the parts which before was made by the operator.
With this new special gluing machine we have been able to bring more automation to relieve the operator's actions.
As a result we have also changed our gluing system from cold gluing to hot gluing.

Even with the addition of an assembly system we have kept the size of the machine equivalent to keep the compact spirit of our modern special machines.

The assembly works with suction cup actuators where a transfer is made with a rotation in order to fix the part and assemble it.
Our action of gluing, then checking and finally assembling must take less than 5 minutes to maximize the effect of the glue.

Finally, our gluing machine, like all ERI's special machines, is designed to offer our customers the machine they need. We do everything possible with our teams to meet your requirements.



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