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Creation of production lines for assembly, vision control, welding and processing.

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Adept at designing and manufacturing custom-made special machines.
ERI also offers a global solution to meet all your needs:

The complete production line by ERI

What is a production line?

The complete production line allows to gather in the same project all the machines necessary to the realization of a finished product. As well as the transitic which ensures the operations of handling and conveying of the components.

ERI carries out studies in the fields of trans-istics, handling and process. Thus we develop automated assembly lines, manufacturing, packaging and packing lines, waste treatment, transformation and recycling lines, palletization lines, conveyors for continuous handling of heavy loads...

These infrastructures are equipped with automated stations such as special machines, linear conveyors, curved conveyors, ascending conveyors, as well as palletizers, switchers but also pallet turners, pallet stackers, filming, weighing and pallet strapping...


ERI's production lines are now present all over the world.


Israël, 2016

Stack assembly line, 140 pcs/mn (plating, assembly, cutting, compacting, laser welding, vision)

Machine d'assemblage de bandes

USA, 2009

Lithium ion battery filling and capping line (product control, electrolyte dosing machine for lithium ion battery, capping rivet installation machine)

Ligne de production par ERI au USA

Mexico 2018 :

Ligne de production par ERI à MEXICO

Packaging line for glass syringes

Ligne de production par ERI aux mexique


ERI once again is always looking for customer satisfaction by offering them opportunities and flexibility of their specifications in order to produce the machine they need the most.


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