Capsule assembly machine

Customer's request

Creation of a capsule assembly machine for SOLOCAP

The answer Eri Machine:

The machine performs the following functions:
– automatic feeding of caps and lids or BAR seals
– assembly of caps & lids or BAR seal.
– control of the presence of lids or BAR seals in capsules
– control of the scenery aspect.
– boxing of finished products.

It has a capacity of 15,000 parts per hour in instantaneous rate.

All the electrical and automation equipment is integrated in the boxes located in the machine frames.
The assembly module is configured as follows:
A motion controller controls the two marking and assembly modules.
The operator interface is a SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC touch terminal.
The vision systems are from KEYENCE.


The systems integrated in the machine, cap distribution and lid distribution, carton conveyor

We have the possibility to change the sizes of the capsules, the lids and also to change the settings of the camera angles for vision control.


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