LB compact

Contactor assembly machine

Customer's request

Creation of a contactor assembly machine with a minimum of 1600 parts per hour

The answer Eri Machine:

ERI machine proposes you to answer your needs. Its special contactor sub-assembly machine by their expertise on the compact LB.

Our mechanical cam system under indexed kinematics allows us to offer you our compact LB system. Extremely reliable and capable of generating a high production rate.

From design to manufacturing:

For this machine, the customer's request allowed us to design a machine easily accessible to operators and with a capacity of output over several years with a machine that has the advantage of reliability.

This machine is equipped with a high speed screwdriver system, as well as sensor controls. These sensors control the torque of the screwers so that you have a smooth production.

The screwing machines are under a pneumatic system which allows to maximize the reliability of our machine. On the other hand, the cams are mechanically fixed, which does not allow you to change the size of the parts produced.

The advantages of our LB compact machine:

This LB Compact machine has several advantages.
The LB Compact range is extremely interesting for companies with a smaller budget who still want to keep high performance. It is a machine that can handle 2 to 4 pieces simultaneously in order to increase the volumes and the production rate. It is a product with a great reliability, it can be realized in simple or double (2 trays).

Our LB Compact machine is estimated to have a maximum production of 50 million assembled parts per year.


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